Milan goes Heavy

Scritto da il 16 Novembre 2023

I need the volume one louder than ten … If I can’t feel it in my chest I’m in the wrong damn place”

As the lyrics of Halestorm’s hit song “I Like It Heavy” suggest, loud and hard-hitting music is to be expected at Alcatraz di Milano on November 28th. When the American hard rock band partners with Black Veil Brides and rising star MOTHICA to bring the city to its knees.

Halestorm (formed in 1997) has been breaking charts and records left and right, starting with their song Love Bites (So Do I) when they became the first female-led group to top the radio charts. 

The Grammy-winning band started its European tour from Germany and is currently planned to do 15 more shows during the tour to promote their latest album Back From The Dead. They are joined on the road by the Heavy Metal band Black Veil Brides, to amp up the atmosphere even more.  And for some of the shows by MOTHICA, another strong female voice in the world of heavy metal.

If the setlist from the American edition of the tour is to be followed, we are bound to hear not only songs from the new album such as Raise Your Horns and The Steeple. But also some long-known bangers like Amen, Freak Like Me and I Miss the Misery. 

So if you’re up for an unforgettable night filled with loud music and a killer atmosphere you know where to find it at the end of this month.

-Bella Pchelarova

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