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Slovenia’s LPS are all between 17 and 19 years old and some still go to school, yet the 5-member act representing Slovenia to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Turin has already captured a lot of hearts, beating the other 23 contestants in Slovenia’s national selection Evrovizijska Melodija with Disko, their self-produced song nostalgic of the 70s and 80s. The name of their band, LPS, used to be an acronym for “handsome, smart, capable” in Slovenian, which is what they were called by one of their teachers, but the band felt that it did not sound appropriate (perhaps a bit presumptuous), so LPS now stands for “Last Pizza Slice”. The song talks about a real breakup lead singer Filip Vidušin went through, precisely, in a disco.

What is your artistic background? Is there someone in particular that you have taken inspiration from, that you admire?

We started playing instruments numerous years ago in music school, and then we met at our high school and all of us shared a passion for music. We believe that making music together is a lot more enjoyable for us and for our fans. We have a lot of artists that inspire us because we mostly listen to different genres of music, but we all agree that it would be amazing to share the stage with ABBA, Lawrence, Joker Out, Hamo & Tribute 2 Love, Hauptman, Pink Floyd and many more great artists.

What was it like to win your national selection?

Žiga [the keyboardist, ed.] took the initiative to participate and we all agreed as we knew we had nothing to lose. After unexpectedly winning our national selection, we felt great, and we still are very proud of our achievement.

What are you worried about the most about ESC? What excites you the most?

We are not worried about anything. Our team is taking good care of us and leads us through decisions we have to make. And we cannot wait to finally hit the road and go to Turin. Our wish is just to have a good time, take as much as we can, make some new music collaborations, and place as high as we can. We are already very proud of our achievement, and we think that is the best mindset we can go to Eurovision with.

Will you be releasing any new music of your own after Turin?

Two of our members have to pass graduation exsams. After that, our plan is to record an album and play in lots of venues together.

Who is your favorite competitor?

We like Italy and Lithuania.

Why should we vote for Disko?

You should vote for us if you like our song and because we wrote it completely on our own.

Mattia Baglietto

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