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Scritto da il 27 Maggio 2017

Since 1993, located in Budapest, Hungary; Europe’s largest culture, art and music that the festival Sziget, this year will take place on 9-16 August. When you look at the rituals of the “Island of Freedom”, we guarantee that you wouldn’t miss a chance to buy a ticket. 

You’ll be amazed by the inadequate line-up list, dozens of scenes, thousands of live performances. Musicians that you’d die to see, music bands you used to listen to when you were a kid… Think about all of them gathering around in one festival. People are wondering which one to listen to until the sunrise. We won’t forget to mention that “Island of Freedom” passport which brings together thousands of people from all around the world who share the same spirit. You actually need the passport to get into the festival.

If you choose to stay overnight in tents, you’d experience that at least 5 different languages ​​are spoken in the neighbour tents. It’s an amazing opportunity for you to make lots of friends from different nationalities. We strongly recommend you to accommodate in tents; in the Sziget, campground is something that must be experienced.

If you’re not comfortable with staying overnight in the camping area you could also do Airbnb with your friends. We’d also suggest you to buy the city pass to travel the city. You’ll be amazed how Budapest can be chill and crazy at the same time. Since you’d have to take a taxi to go back and forth, you’d realise that the taxi drivers are such rock music fans. During your stay in Budapest, don’t miss the chance to visit the amazing concept bars and museums full of history.

With mud wrestlings; balloon, color and bubble parties, you’d see the fun, creative, spontaneous side of the festival but at least one day you’d experience the traditional Sziget rain, so don’t forget to bring your raincoat. And bring also a case for your electronic devices, just in case something occurs during the color party.

There’s also the “Before I Die” wall which has become the memorable corner of Robin Wiliams, who we lost the first night of the festival years ago. It’s a place where people actually write their best wishes also what they actually want to do before they die. It’s unbelievable how the festival is full of art; the “nest” is where you can get some rest in between the concerts, the “rocking lounger” is where you can get tanned and “the mushrest” is where you can make some new friends while laying down. Plus, if you’re interested in recycling, the “pet dragon” is the ultimate oeuvre made out of used plastic water bottles but illuminated.

These are the main reasons why you should be a part of this festival this summer. There’s at least one thing for everyone to have fun. If you need more information about the festival, check out the Sziget Festival app or the official website. There are only a few days for discounted tickets to be over so make a quick decision. You won’t regret for buying a pass to one of the coolest festivals in Europe!!

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