Theodor Andrei: Romania’s Youngest Eurovision Rep

Scritto da il 13 Maggio 2023

From Bucharest to the Eurovision stage, Theodor Andrei, a singer, composer, and actor, recently made history as Romania’s youngest representative to date. Even though he doesn’t view it as a contest, but rather as a “music holiday”, he still puts on a strong front with his song ‘D.G.T. (Off And On)’.

The song, with its mix of rock‘n’roll and hip-hop characteristics and meaningful lyrics, is definitely a catchy tune (I’ve been listening to it all day) and a great addition to every music lover’s playlist.
In the interview, he talks about the meaning of the song, a little bit of how it came to be, and his journey to the Eurovision stage. It’s evident that he’s extremely excited and has been a fan of the competition for years. And now that he’s there, he’s making connections with the other contestants and referring to them not so much as competitors but more of a family.

Here at Radio Bocconi, we are definitely excited to see his performance at the second Semi-final, taking place on May 11.

Overall, Theodor Andrei has shown that age is just a number and that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. We are also eager to see what he has in store for the future, with him revealing a second album in the works, containing some more rock ‘n’ roll and blues fusion with modern elements. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to check out his interview and listen to some of his amazing vocals (including but not limited to past songs from the contest) by clicking on the video below.

Theodor Andrei, Romanian candidate at Eurovision Song Contest 2023 – Source:

Credits: Bella Pchelarova

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