Dour Festival 2018

Scritto da il 18 Giugno 2018

This summer, Radio Bocconi has the opportunity to cover one of the biggest festival of the summer: DOUR FESTIVAL
Dour is a music festival taking place every summer in the little belgian town of Dour. But what makes it so special?



First of all its line up is as eclectic as it is qualitative. With more than 100 artists, you can be assured you will find some of your favorites and discover new ones!

Furthermore, one of the biggest leitmotiv of the whole event is to be as friendly and inclusive as possible. You will feel at home very quickly, thanks to the international community present, and the numerous little tradition such as the famous “doureuuuhhh” or the more more refined “Dour, c’est l’amour” (“Dour, is love”) that everyone knows and love to scream anytime they feel like it!

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Hoping to see you there!


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