Scritto da il 11 Agosto 2017

Yes, I know, I was suppose to write one article per day but my plane was super late on Wednesday, and I was so overwhelmed with the festival that when I finally arrived that I just did not find time to do it.
As I made it through the bridge that takes you to the Island of Freedom, where Sziget is located (and after queuing for a good hour of course) I quickly understood that this festival is not like any other festivals I previously attended.

First of all, it’s massive and when I say “massive”, I mean MASSIVE. It takes at least 45min to get to one side to another and you can double that amount if it’s after a show at the main stage because the streets are so crowed. Secondly, it is not just a “concert” festival although that is the main reason people are there. Sziget also contains many attraction, rides (Bungee Jumping !!), bars, clubs, art expositions, activities… which creates an incredible atmosphere since the crowd is always busy and not just waiting from one concert to another.

On Day 1, most of the stages were not open yet but I still managed to find a good spot to see P!nk’s performance. I was surprised by the quality of her performance. I was also surprise by the fact that I knew every single words to most of her songs.

On Day 2, I went to the festival earlier so I saw Watsky (an American rapper) we then had to go backstage to interview Klangstof (interview that you will find soon on Radio Bocconi). Finally Day 2 ended with Wiz Khalifa as a sudden smell seemed to emanate from the crowd around the main stage (most of you will know what I am talking about). Mosh-pits started at the first song and did not end until “See You Again”. Good stuff. We finished our two days with a late performance by Alex Clarce (very talented singer) and the djs W&W before finally going home, exhausted.

After two days, my voice is broken, my legs hurts, I’m dehydrated and my stomach feels weird but most of all I am super happy. I think this is the “Sziget Festival” feeling. Broken outside but so fulfilled inside. Can’t wait for the next 5 days.
Stay tuned !

Paul Emile Duroux

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